21 Feb 2018

Baby Clothing Tips for Winter

These are wintry days and hence there's a chilling breeze out there! It would be the night when you prefer to wrap up yourself in your favourite warm blanket. It also could be the breezy morning when you open the windows of your bedroom drawing back the curtains to greet the sunrays. Every time you shiver in the cold and hunt for that comfy corner in your lovely home. At the same time, all new mums start thinking about the toddler clothes to be used for their sweethearts in winter. Preparing your wardrobe for the right type of baby winter outfits is little tricky as she can't tell you if she's feeling comfortable or needs more coverage. I know you never hesitate to spend bucks when it comes to newborn winter clothes as you want your little heart to be lived in the cosiest, relaxed outfits. These clothes should make baby feel neither too hot nor too cold. Here, is a small piece of advice while you're seeking for kids winter wear in the clothing outlets.

An extra layer is the first step

When it's freezing, dress up your baby the way you are dressed. Use thick clothes inside and add one more layer over it. For instance, if you have worn your baby a full sleeved t-shirt and pants, use a long sleeved bodysuit as an extra layer to cover up her. A woolen sweater or a light snowsuit would fit the best. After all, your baby should feel it peaceful.

Covering is essential

Newborns spend most of the time in their crib or baby bed. Hence, it's good for them to get muffled in a warm apparel. You can begin with a simple bodysuit from inside and as a top layer, you can put a thick jacket of wool that would cover baby's body till her feet. Don't forget to wear her woolen socks to keep her small toes toasty. Remember, her body parts like chest, head, feet, etc. shouldn't be directly exposed to the cold.

Use mittens, hats, and gloves

Your cutie pie's hands and a head is very sensitive. A little breeze is enough to affect her with running nose or a cough. Hence, I would advise you to use hand-gloves to cover her hands and a monkey cap to cover her ears or mittens to protect her throat from the extreme cold. These clothes keep the body parts away from the cold keeping them warm. All these attires are tailor-made to fit the tiny body parts of your little one comfortably. Ears, nose, forehead should always be safeguarded from the wintry air.

Stroller Covers are also useful

If you are on a winter vacation with your dearest newborn or taking your baby out for an evening stroll, you need to look for a care extravaganza! If you are using a stroller, your car seat cover or rain shield can be attached to it to keep baby safe from the wind that blows a lot. The covering from all parts of the stroller helps to create a warm, cozy air inside. Only the frontal portion is opened from where your baby can breathe easily and peep outside up to some extent. It's all about creating a perfect combination of warmth and fresh air.

Focus on her bedding

When you are putting your baby to sleep, it's significant to check that she is comfortable with her sleeping area. A base layer on which baby lies has to be very cozy, warm and perfectly even. It should be of either wool or polyester. Pillows and cushions around your baby will make her feel safe and secured. Wrapping her in a blanket having a soft texture yet a capacity to create much warmness is equally essential. Use the bedding accessories with which your baby is happy and can have a sound sleep.

Try a sleeping sack

If you are staying in the areas that are extremely cold or snowy, using sleeping sack is the best way. Sleeping sack has a specially fabricated material that protects all the body parts from stormy weather and chilling atmosphere. As you put your baby in the bag, a mild heat is generated automatically due to the fabric that is used. An ideal temperature is maintained inside the sack till your baby is not coming out of it. Adults too have such large sleeping bags which are typically used by trekkers.

Look for accessories

While we are considering infant winter wear, clothing accessories is something we can't skip. Reflectors, sunglasses, thermals, pullovers, baby winter coats, cardigans, detachable hoods or caps are assumed to be carried with you. These accessories will balance the body temperature of your baby and soothe her down. Also, the finishing or the surface of such newborn warm clothes is ideally soft and silky that doesn't affect baby's sensitive, innocent skin. Make sure that you can quickly put on and remove these clothes without much struggle. To summarize this discussion, my first tip is to keep your baby's skin dry and warm. Look for specially manufactured toddler winter clothes having technical features of even heating. If it's snowfall or the rain outside, waterproof garments can help a lot. Choose the warm baby clothes with a size little more substantial than your baby's body size. Her clothes shouldn't be too tight or too lose. Keep these quick tips in minds and then swipe your card at the baby winter wear shop. Wish you a happy shopping!

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