07 Apr 2018

Bedtime Stories- a Routine

Reading the title, you must have gone into your childhood recollecting all those sweet memories of listening to the fairy tales by your parents or even grandparents. They used to tell you those little stories with a mumbling voice that was making you fast asleep quite soon. However, when you were a newborn, that time too they were using the same trick to put you sleep peacefully. Putting your child to sleep is indeed a challenge while you are adapting his habit to the regular sleep timings at night. When your child grows up, his productive day begins with his Kindergarten school, it keeps him engrossed in several things like studies, playing, activities, etc. all the day long. Even in case of toddlers, their activities like playing, crying, eating make a specific schedule that needs adequate sleep. The bedtime stories for kids in a routine is the most effective traditional way of putting your child to sleep.

It's never too early to present a storybook to your baby. Till your baby can't read, you can do it for him. Science has proved that verbal communication between parents and babies have a tremendous neural impact on babies. It consists of reading stories or singing poems. Kids learn many things through this process. Their brain adapts the skills to master the language while listening to the stories. Their creativity and moral values also start to cultivate through this process.

Apart from the intellectual benefits, there are several other physical as well as emotional add-ons that your little heart gets through these stories. Reading exciting bed story for your toddler makes it a routine that keeps him or her excited to go to bed early. Get some soft toys like a teddy bear or a doll to hold aside your baby. When you begin with a story, keep your voice low, but audible to the baby. Try to keep it's tone, pitch up and down and particular points but with a soothing and composed voice. You can cuddle your child's forehead or eyebrows while doing so which keeps him lie down with a relaxed mind. It helps you to create and strengthen a bond of affection between both of you.

Reading stories for kids every day is a great habit you should always follow, let the place be any. The ideal time for children's bedtime stories is at night. However, any naptime can be the best time especially when your baby is not sleeping. The fairy tales or fantasies, stories of animals, birds or living beings in nature, small poems are excellent reading materials. Reading stories becomes a pleasure for them which becomes a good habit for their childhood. When you are going to read out the story for your baby; sit or lie down aside her and embrace her with love. It makes your baby feel special, safe and secured. Don't forget to snuggle your baby while telling the stories as she likes that a lot and feels cosy and joyous. When your baby is over-stimulated, she cries a lot though she wants to sleep. Bedtime stories can help a lot to beat their stress and uneasiness. Stories having a beautiful essence of happiness and dreams appease the children and calms their activities.

To avoid monotony, variation in your stories is entirely necessary for bedtime stories for toddlers. Be expressive and precise while you are telling the story that will help your baby with her social and emotional development. As she grows little older, listen to her likes or dislikes and customize your stories accordingly. You can also show her the books having pictures, designs filled up with different colours, words and so on. Babies observe you speaking very carefully; so exaggerate 'OO' sound in words like a moon, balloon, etc.

The books you are picking up for your babies should satisfy their needs at that particular age group. They should have all the engaging elements for kids. Good stories for kids should be of those kinds which end on a happy note. You can also teach some basic lessons to your baby through simple stories as they grow a bit older. Featuring your little heart in a story sometime is also very funny. You can replace Aladdin or any such character with your baby, and he will find it super surprising to listen to it. Hundreds of night time stories are available on the internet and the libraries with which you can adore your beloved baby. Select the one that you think your baby would like and make your baby's nights most beautiful.

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