21 May 2018

Dressing Techniques for your Baby this Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and the atmosphere is boiling you like anything. You would be spending most of the time in a swimming pool adjoining your house or inside a comfy AC bedroom. These days also mean family gatherings, picnics, outings, and so on. If this is the first time you are dressing up your little heart, it is little tricky to find out a perfect attire that suits her. Just put yourself in your babys shoe, and you will know the heat she might be annoyed with. If you are planning to prepare a perfect wardrobe for the summer, keep in mind ventilation aspect while buying a newborn baby dress.

Your baby outfits also depend on the room temperature. If your room is cold, choose thick bedding or merely swaddle her in a lightweight, warm blanket. In case your place is warm, infant clothing should be lighter in the summer. For the warm summer you can go with onesies, pants, skirt, sundress, sleeper, socks, sunscreen, sun hat, etc. if your baby is younger than six months don’t apply sunscreen because her skin is very delicate and extremely sensitive. The only exception is it’s advised by the doctor when your baby’s skin cannot bear the direct sunlight. Here you can apply a light coat of baby sunscreen. If your baby is more than six months, you can use waterproof baby sunscreen 30 minutes before you are going outside and reapply after few hours.

Baby never enjoys being pushed or pulled through her newborn clothes. I suggest holding your baby on your lap when you are changing upper clothes of the body and then lay her on a bed when it comes to the lower half. While you are shopping newborn baby outfits, onesies are best. Short sleeves onesies are must in the warm weather. Make sure your newborn outfits are made up of breathable cotton, avoid any synthetic, fleece or wool fabric in summer. If your newborn baby or infant is not walking yet, toddler summer clothes like socks and shoes are not necessary. Babies have a limited ability to regulate their body temperature, in this case, it’s essential to keep your baby cool in warm months. Sweating is the one way to cool down human body and babies have limited ability to sweat. In summer to keep your little one cool, I suggest buying loose-fitting baby summer clothes made of 100% cotton. Lightweight cotton lets the air to reach and helps in sweat evaporate, preventing irritation and cool your baby’s skin.

Protect your toddler from exposing to direct sunlight, because they get sunburn easily. In warm summer days, due to overheating; your newborn’s skin becomes very dry and starts itchy and red. Once your baby suffers from heat rashes, they become restless and annoyed. To know your baby’s body temperature, feel your baby’s skin, and you will know how she is feeling. There is one easy technique to know your baby’s body temperature. Kiss on her forehead or gently press your wrist against her forehead. Your skin is smooth and delicate on your lips and wrist so you can understand how your baby is feeling. Feeling her fingers and ears will also let you know her body temperature. Now one question will peep into your mind that, how to identify if your baby is feeling too warm. The technique is quite straightforward. If her skin becomes red; if she is having rapid heartbeats (a later stage of overheating), suffering through vomiting, etc. To stop overheating your baby, I suggest keeping yourself updated about the daily temperature and weather.

Diaper rashes are a regular phenomenon for mums. However, you must be extra careful in summer. Diapers having a thick layer of padding make your babys bumps sweaty and heated. When your baby is wrapped in such tight nappies for a longer time, eventually red rashes develop on her tender skin. A simple trick is to use cloth nappies instead of synthetic padding. It will allow the air to ventilate through the nappies and will keep her skin unaffected. Buying a pram for your baby is another idea. Get a bit customized here. Remove the extra wadding on her prom dress so that the air will keep circulating throughout her body. Full sleeves dress and pants with a thin fabric are advisable to protect her skin from tanning when you are outside.

Being a new mum, you are little puzzled about choosing a right kind of baby summer outfits for a baby; which is but obvious. However; as mentioned above; the only aspects you need to focus on are a comfort and convenience for your baby. Let me give you a simple success mantra here! Be confident about your intuition! Being a mom; you will always know whenever your baby feels uneasy.

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