21 Apr 2018

Experts Massage Tips for your Baby

Think of your days hustle and bustle packed with hectic working hours, travelling, dealing with people comprises a tremendous physical and mental stress. Now, consider your little newborn who has arrived at this world just a couple of days ago. He spends his entire day lying in his crib, playing with his mum or toys, laughing, crying and all. Gradually she tries to sit, stand, walk and every adventure she could do! All these activities make your little honey hungry, anxious, tired and what not. You understand that she needs to sleep now to get a good rest, but she keeps on crying. Baby cries a lot in her early stages; be it hunger, sleep or boredom. All you need to do is to soothe her with your affectionate touch and an assurance of your presence.

Child massage is perhaps the best way to relax your baby through creating an emotional bond between you and her. Experts agree that massage not only helps your babys physical development but also acts as an excellent medium to nurture your relationship with her. All mamas and dads could participate in this massage routine to relish their parenthood. A nice rubdown on your babys tender, soft body in a day keeps her calm, relaxed and happy. Probably, you would be little worried about handling her fragile body; however, I'm here to offer you few baby massage tips:

Select an excellent massage oil

This should be the foremost step when you think of a baby malish. Select the baby massage oil that has nourishing ingredients like extracts of Rice (bran), mustard, almonds, pure ghee, and enriched with Vitamin A, D, and E. Different types of baby malish oils are used according to the various seasons, so be watchful while picking up the one.

Create a special place

Research proves that babies are habitual to the areas or locations where they feel comfortable. Creating a massage room is a quite interesting idea where you can take your baby and give her a soothing rubdown twice a day. You can decor room with various toys, hanging mirrors, bells, etc. to make a massaging activity full of fun.

Make a perfect start

Talk to your baby, sing the songs and prepare her for a good massage. Take a massage oil in your palms and rub your hands together to warm up the oil and your palms. When you start a newborn massage with your warm hands, your baby feels more comfortable and cozy.

Massaging Process

Toddler Massage is very simple as you need to remember only one thumb rule. You are rubbing a delicate, tender body; so be gentle.

-Baby massage steps can begin from downside the ribs. Rub her belly slowly with a clockwise circular motion. Use your palms more than fingers. Baby massage doesnt demand you to be a skilled massager. Your soft, assuring contact with her body is fair enough to feel her secured. Your massage should convey your feelings to the baby that you loves her.

-Rub her each body part with your entire hand. Focus on her legs, knees, thighs, and calf when you are massaging her lower body. Her leg movements are the most frequent and consistent until she tries to sit walk. Give a good massage to her so that her body will be de-stressed.

-Massaging her heels and toes needs a little technique. Giving a low pressure, rub her entire feet with a circular motion. Use your thumb to rub.

-Put your baby lying on her stomach. With your palms and thumbs, slowly rub her neck and pat her back gently. Use your fingertips and massage in circular motion. Always go in a single direction, ideally from up to down. Focus her back while massaging. A right amount of oil can be used here.

-Form a ring using your middle finger and thumb covering your baby's arm. Fondle the armpit area and keep working around her arms. Be careful with her sensitive parts like the elbows and wrists. Never put too much pressure there.

-If you are planning a baby massage to put her to sleep; head massage is worth giving. Start giving gentle strokes on her forehead, temples and skull bottom. Using your fingertips; cuddle h=around her eyebrows and eyelids carefully. Rub her cheeks, ears and surrounding areas very slowly to calm her down.

Being touch as the most efficient mode of communication; infant massage is the simplest yet essential practices to strengthen your bond with your baby. New baby massage helps to improve her immune system. It also provides her relief from all sorts of gastric troubles. Presenting with a stable heartbeat rates; a newborn baby body massage keeps the nervous system active to control all her organs accurately. Her blood circulation too improves due to a complete body massage. Newborn baby massage helps them to sleep peacefully and cry less. Just ask your mom and dad how they used to adore your massaging time and give your best to your little one too! If you need any further help regarding infant massage techniques, never hesitate to ask your paediatrician or professional massager. I wish you and your baby a rejuvenating massage routine!

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