21 June 2018

Five Super Tricks to Make Tiffin a Health Pack!

Vacations have come to an end, and Monday blues are geared up to annoy us once again! Apart from the mundane chores one thing that must be puzzling you is a healthy tiffin box for your little ones. When your kid is fascinated with a superman, wonder woman, iron man or such other comic hero and wants to have physic like them, you might have told him to eat healthy vegetables and fruits. And all you would have done is running behind him with a bowl full of fruits and nuts. When it comes to tiffin box for school, all you need to do is to pack enjoyable lunch having excellent nutrient value. It's not that difficult as you think. Here are five fabulous tricks to convert your toddler's tiffin into a super health pack:

Pack it simple

In India, there's a big misconception regarding healthy tiffin. The more you jam pack the stuff inside, the healthier it is. However, it is not true. Instead of quantity, focus on quality. Avoid giving gravies, oily and heavy food which is difficult to digest. It's better to pack tiffin with a home-made wholesome food which is dry yet tasty. For instance, if you are thinking of a safe bet, brown bread sandwiches with tuna, paneer, cheese, fresh vegetables can be considered. Include the food which your kid likes to eat and has a tremendous nutritious value. Most of the kids get annoyed when they see their tiffin full of foodstuffs. So, pack it in an appropriate quantity.

Ask your child

Instead of offering him bunch of advice on eating healthy food, ask him what he likes and dislikes. Take him to the supermarket and tell him to pick up the veggies, fruits or meat of his preference. I bet you, he/she would pick up at least few things for the cart. Considering his choice will make your child pleased, and he would happily listen to what you are telling. When you are preparing a tiffin for your kid, call him in the kitchen and make him remember the stuff he had demanded. Without revealing the name, tell him that you're preparing a refreshing, tasty recipe for the today's lunch box. I'm sure he would be eager to eat it!

Adapt the seasons

You need to pack a lunchbox for your kid taking into account the weather conditions. In the summer, avoid giving oily, spicy food which may create excess heat in his body. The appetite gets reduced in extreme summer, and there's also a risk of dehydration. So, you can add the food that is cool, juicy and rich in calories. Try adding fibers, proteins, and calcium in your child's meals during the summer. When it comes to winter, your child may need more food as his appetite increases. You can offer him some warm, heavy recipes like soups, desserts, meat, etc. The food should be higher regarding proteins that would help your kid boost the immunity.

Don't overlook accompaniments

When you go to the restaurant, you are often served with side-orders like salads, raitas, etc. In your child's tiffin box, don't forget to add such raw vegetables which are the rich source of fibers and loaded with vitamins and minerals. When you season them up with a pinch of spices; they help to increase the hunger and offer an excellent taste. It also helps to avoid monotony in a menu. You can add carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, baby corn, etc. which provide a considerable health quotient.

Focus on variations

Though it's essential to make your meal all-inclusive by adding foods like proteins, vitamins, fibers, minerals, etc. one thing you have to make sure is variation. For example, you can transform regular recipes like a salad with a dressing of cheese sauce or different herbs or a homemade roti stuffed with spicy vegetables and paneer to give it a taste of veg roll.You can create regular recipes by blending them with the cuisines of other territories which will taste interestingly different. Develop a hobby of eating different types of food among your child by introducing him to the healthy, yummy recipes which will motivate him to become a foodie. Creativity and innovation are boundless when it comes to food, and your little one will be indeed excited to eat such savory snacks.

I am sure you'll find the above tips useful while you turn to your kitchen for preparing a tiffin box of your little one. Healthy food is a source of good health, but it's important to relish the taste buds as well. Let your kids enjoy savory food filled with your love and nutrients. Wish you happy and healthy eating!

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