7 Jan 2018

Nourish your baby's tender skin this winter

As the winter comes, that freezing breeze keeps you on the toes to deal with the skin issues that might take place. When it comes to a newborn, all you need to do is an extraordinary care of her tender-smooth, extra-sensitive skin. It's because even a slight weather change is enough to affect your baby's skin. When the weather gets cold outside, baby's skin becomes dry, reddish and inflamed. However, if you take few extra efforts for newborn skin care, your sweetheart's skin will stay fresh moisturized and healthy as always. I would like to gift you with a simple baby skin care checklist that you can refer to this winter and spare some extra bucks for your monthly shopping this winter. Here you go:

Skin covering is the best skin care

Baby's are prone to losing heat quicker than the adults. However, please make sure not to overheat their surroundings. Be it inside or outdoor, cover your baby's body adequately. Dress your baby in at least two layers of which the cloth should be able to protect her from the cold. When you cover your baby entirely keeping her face open, she starts feeling warm, secured and soothed. A mild heat generates inside because of which she feels pleasant. If you are living in the localities where there is extreme cold, make sure to cover your toddler's head with mittens or hat. Ideally, you can use half-sleeved onesies and pair it up with a pair of thermals and a jacket. If you keep your baby's skin exposed to the cold continuously, she will get dehydrated. Hence, make sure that her attire is appropriate.

Use skin-friendly clothes

Since, you try to cover up your baby with the layers of clothes during the winter, the fabric of the clothes she's wearing remains in the direct contact of her body continuously. Use the fabric which is warm yet soft, gentle and breathable. Cotton and flannel is the best choice perhaps. Ask for the clothes that won't irritate baby's sensitive skin. The clothes should not cause itching or rashes on her skin.

Bath time has to be quick

Keeping your baby wet more time makes her skin dry more than other times in the winter. So, keep the bathing time not more than 10 minutes. Baby body wash or body soap you are using has to contain mild ingredients such as shea butter, natural milk cream, almond oil, and honey, etc. Oil these natural moisturizing ingredients keep baby's skin hydrated and away from dryness. The bathing area should be comfortably warm and yet fresh airy. Use lukewarm water to bath your little heart. Use the body soap that cleans and nourishes your baby's soft, delicate skin. If you are living in the areas where snowfall is constant, bath your little one thrice a day. But make sure you continue a daily sponge bath.

Hydrate the skin from inside out

Keeping your baby's skin well moisturized during the winter s the key to prevent it from being parched. As you are done with her bathing, immediately wipe her with a soft towel. Massage her with a mild baby moisturizer cream or lotion. Hypoallergenic and gentle products are perfect to keep baby's skin moist and smooth in the winter. Hydrating your baby from inside by breastfeeding is the best way to keep her healthy.

Protect her chubby cheeks and rosy lips

Cold attacks baby's soft cheeks and delicate lips quickly. Use baby lip balm and cold cream to keep them soft, supple and moist as a part of daily baby skin care tips. The ingredients like natural milk cream and shea butter absorb the parchedness quickly leaving the skin softened. Protect these sensitive areas with the creams and lotions suggested by practicing paediatricians that heal the redness or cracks if any.

Check for nappy rashes

If you have dressed your baby in multiple layers of the clothes, checking for nappy rashes is mandatory. The skin on the bottom of the baby is susceptible to the heat, irritation, and moisture. If you see any rashes or scratches, red marks; apply a mild baby cream to soothe her skin. It's important to change your baby's diaper regularly. You can use wet wipes to cleanse and nourish this area as they are formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to protect baby's sensitive skin.

Massage routine is must

Massaging your baby daily is the best infant skin care for her overall development, may the season be any. However, baby massage is essential in winter. Specially formulated baby massage oil penetrates into the baby's skin profoundly and keeps the skin moisturized and soft. These massage oils have olive extracts and Vitamin E that helps in skin conditioning. When you are rubbing your baby's back, stomach, hands, and legs; she feels relaxed a lot, and it helps her to have a sound sleep. Massaging your baby keeps her skin supple, soft and moisturized all the time. I am sure; you would find all the above newborn baby skin care tips to be handy. Whenever you go outdoor or plan for vacation trips this winter, consider the best skin care tips that your cute baby deserves! Consult paediatricians if you find something abnormal with your baby's skin to get newborn baby skin care tips.

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