07 Mar 2018

Top 10 Things to Carry While Travelling With a Newborn

Like several other parents, you do not desire to go anywhere outside your home with your newborn. What your baby needs is a lot of attention and feeding all the day long. Hence, travelling with an infant becomes quite troublesome. However, when it's a beautiful winter and such an excellent breezy weather out there; you may crave to go on weekend hangouts or even a long vacation somewhere at a hill-station or countryside location. Tripping with your little heart isn't very critical if you plan and organize everything efficiently. I would like to offer you a list of few simple tips for travelling with a baby hereafter that you would find helpful. Have a look at a baby travel checklist below:

Adequate clothing

Pack your baby's bag with particular attention. If you are visiting a hillstation, you must carry stroll, sweater, baby-jacket, thermals, pullovers, woolen socks, muffler, hand gloves and even baby sunglasses. Wrap your baby giving her extra padding of clothes to keep her body temperature warmer. If you are touring a place during a summer, carry the cotton clothes that quite lose such as sleeveless tees, lightweight shorts, hats or caps, etc. It's better to carry in excess as your baby can poo anytime and many times!

Medical & First Aid Kit

Give it a top priority on your travel list. When you are travelling outstation, your baby may fall sick due to fever, loose-motions, cold or other viral infections. It's better to be prepared with a medicine box that contains necessary medicines such as paracetamol syrup, saline nasal drops, teething gel, etc. Also, don't forget to carry a baby thermometer. If your baby is prone to viral infections, consult your paediatrician before going out on vacation and take a prescription for him to carry the medicines in an emergency. Also, your infant travel kit has to have things like cotton balls, antiseptic cream, bandage to use in case of an injury

Electric Kettle

It could be one of the most favourite baby travel necessities of most of the new mums. This multipurpose tool helps you boil water, milk or soup instantly without much hassle. Whenever your baby is hungry, you can serve her with a meal that is fresh and hot.

Meals on wheels

Breastfeeding is the easiest and the most significant way to feed your newborn during a journey. However, if your toddler is little grown up or you have started her with a formula feeding or outside milk, you have to plan it properly. Considering her appetite and feeding time, you can carry milk in thermo steel bottles which keeps it hot and fresh. Also, don't forget to carry sterilized bottles and nipples which your baby may need anytime. If your baby is eating solids, you have to be little careful regarding food that you are going to pack. Carry a light food which is easy to digest during travel. It includes boiled rice, oats, cereal mixes, soups, etc. Do not carry the foodstuffs that are non-perishable outside a refrigerator.

Nappies or toiletries

Carry all the supplies including nappies, cleaning clothes, wet and dry wipes, hand-sanitizers, etc. that your baby may need anytime during travel. While you are travelling, make sure that you check her diaper regularly otherwise she may suffer from rashes and infections. Always carry extra nappies, cotton, and wipes and make the proper arrangement for disposals as basic travel toddler essentials.

Baby care kit

It is one of the most significant things in your baby travel bag list. Your baby care kit has to contain a baby-soap, napkins, towels, baby wash, lotions, sunscreen, massage oil and moisturizers you are applying her, etc. and so on. Changing your baby's routine suddenly may disturb her, and she's likely to get annoyed more. Hence, try to keep it as regular as you can.

Travel system

If you are travelling with a newborn who is few months old, a buggy or stroller and pram could be more useful to make her sit safely tied to a belt and cover at the front side. It is very convenient especially when you are getting out of a flight or a bus. Also if you are travelling in your car, a baby can sit it in a relaxed position. Or you can customize a car seat for your baby. Add some pillows or extra cushion to support your baby. A front carrier or baby sling is also extremely easy to carry for your toddler. Travel gear has to be easy to handle and more straightforward in a structure which increases its portability.

Portable crib

You need to consider your baby's sleeping patterns. If she is used to sleeping in her crib or baby cot, you should carry it along with you. It is because, when you suddenly change her sleeping area, she may get disturbed due to a fear and take a longer time to sleep. You can also try a travel crib which is easy to carry.

Toys and games

Never forget to carry the toys such as soft toys, dolls, activity games, baby balls, rattles and plush rings, stroller toys or whatever your little one prefers to play with. Keep her engaged in playing when she is not sleeping so that she won't get bored or irritated during a journey. You can also entertain her with a story book or a sketchbook.

Carry a Trash Box

If you are travelling in your car, a trash box made up of cardboard or empty plastic bags are best to collect wastage. Whatever garbage is getting generated during a journey can be put inside it, and you can dispose of it at public dustbins placed alongside the roads.

If you are carrying all required things as per an infant travel checklist during your journey; trust me; travelling with toddlers is the ultimate joy that you would want to cherish again and again!

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