07 June 2018

Top Five Preschool Preparation Tips

I know there's nothing more delightful than witnessing your little heart growing day by day with his innocence and cherishing smile! When your toddler reaches the age of two or more; you start thinking about the right kind of preschool where your kid would love to go. Preschool isn't smooth process for your kid as it is a transition period for him/her from a home or daycare center to a new place where there are lots of unknown kids and teachers. Crying toddlers on the day one of their preschools isn't a new phenomenon for us. Every day your child may cry while you drop him at the school and leave away. You can do many things in the weeks before your kid gets ready for a big day. I'm offering you some tips that will make your worries easier while your child is getting ready for a preschool. The key is to keep everything fun:

Explore the concept at home

Though you are a parent of your toddler; play various roles like a friend, teacher, fellow student to prepare your child for preschool. During your routine, you can practice these things. Teach him to say goodbye, thank you and sorry in different situations. Act as if your home is like a playgroup for some time. Teach your kid to sit at one place by engaging him in some exciting activities. Spend more time with your toddler in productive but funny activities. Reassure him that school is a safe and exciting place to go. Your child will undoubtedly feel relaxed if you ease his anxiety in such ways.

Read about preschool

Many books are available online that contain information about preschool activities to implement. You can refer to those and make them customized as per your ideas. Read funny stories with your kid related to school. Create an interest in him with the activities that take place in the school. Read the stories in a way that will make your kid feel as if he is the character in a story. Books will help your child a lot to get prepared for a kindergarten.

Develop your kid's self-help skills

You can teach your kid to be self-sufficient through simple techniques at the beginning. It includes zipping or unzipping jacket, wearing shoes, picking up his bag, etc. You can play a game of 'race' with your child in such activities. For instance, the one who fastens his shoes earlier will win it. While you take active participation in such activities along with your toddler, he'll be more excited to do so. Let him try his best in such tasks, do not offer him help immediately. Your toddler will gradually learn to do his tasks independently. He'll also get the confidence through such small tasks

Practice separation

Teach your child to remain alone or with some mates for some time in a day. Let him play, fight, cry whatever he feels so. Never interfere in his humdrum. See if he can solve his problems in some ways. He'll certainly approach you crying. Be patient and explain him in the easiest language to adapt to the situation and solving a problem. Your toddler has to learn to be individual in the atmosphere wherein he is new. If in a routine you make this as a practice, it'll help him to get adjusted to the preschool quite easily.

Practice listening skills

It's mandatory for your child to sit still and listen to what teacher says. Start with the practicing sessions in the home itself. Tell your child to sit straight, relax and close the eyes. Make him different types of sounds and ask him to recognize them. Speak about what kinds of sounds you are making and from which direction you are making. It will develop patience and listening skills in your toddler. He will understand to follow the instructions which are for his betterment. Telling him stories, showing him pictures of animals, flowers, fruits, etc. will induce an interest of learning in him and he will also learn to concentrate on productive activities.

When the big day arrives, you might get into the hustle and bustle of making actual preparations for sending your child to preschool. Instead, it is better to be prepared with a small backpack, water bottle, shoes, toys, etc. before a couple of days. Involve your child during the shopping, so he'll feel eager to go to the preschool. Before the night of the first day of preschool, make sure your kid gets enough to sleep, be with him and try to relax him. When you go to leave your toddler in the school; stay there for a while; smile and say goodbye. Ensure him that you will come to pick him up in few hours. Following these steps will help release the tension between you and your little heart and eventually it'll become a routine process without any worries. Let your child have a happy preschool time! All the best!

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