07 Feb 2018

Ways to Include your Partner in Pregnancy

With your fattening baby bump day by day, you must have become the centre of attraction in your family. Your relatives, husband, friends must be in the seventh heaven expecting the arrival of a cute little guest. All the people around you including strangers might ask you about your health, your feelings, your needs and lot more. While everyone is cosseting you with the best possible comfort and care, a man, i.e. your spouse can be confused with husband role in pregnancy. You'll find several pregnancy counselling books for would be mamas but what makes you amazed is a father's guide to pregnancy. All would be dads, at this point you should get involved in a voyage of pregnancy through which your better half is going through. So all would be dads, you need not get down in the dumps. Here are some exciting ways for all moms to be to share this journey of nine months with their beloved hubbies:

Bingo! It's good news

For the first time when you identify that you're going to be a mom; the first person you should share this exciting news is your husband. If you are posting it on social media or announcing it within your family, don't forget to include a proud daddy! Whenever you are communicating about your pregnancy, always tag him in the conversations which feel make him feel special.

Ask his company for check-ups

Once the news is confirmed, it's apparent that you'll be having scheduled appointments with your gynaecologist after regular intervals. Let your husband hear your excited heartbeats, your anxiety, and eagerness to future developments. Take him to the clinic and let your gynaecologist explain him thoroughly about the precautions or medicines to take during the pregnancy. Let him participate in the process.

Be enlightened with parenting

Nowadays, there are different pregnancy and childbirth educational programs conducted by expert counsellors. Take your spouse to such activities and participate together to welcome your baby. These courses explore topics like pregnancy care, first aid, breastfeeding, labour moments which can be understood along quite nicely. If dad to be is well versed and informed regarding these aspects; he'll feel motivated. A proper guidance offered by professional parenting coaches will imbibe him with a first-time dad tips during pregnancy.

Share your emotions

When you share this good news for the first time with your soulmate; he might have danced on the air like never before. Yes, these are the moments of enthusiasm, anticipation you need to cherish. From the moment onwards, you share all your fear, happiness, nervousness, excitement with him. You must tell him your feelings and emotions at different stages. All these moments will teach him about how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy.

Sweat together

Since you are likely to gain your weight during the pregnancy, you should prepare a daily workout plan with your partner. Early morning stroll, yoga, gym exercises are best to perform together that help boost your mood. A workout will keep both of you fit and healthy physically and mentally. Exercise stimulates your muscles and keeps you revitalized throughout the day.

A kitchen affair

During your pregnancy, sometimes you may feel dizzy, tired or bored to do anything. Also, you may crave to eat something yummy, delicious food. The best way to beat the boredom is to enter the kitchen with your partner. If he's not used to with cooking, teach him the simple cooking techniques to cook instant meals or frozen foods. Be it baking cakes or cooking pasta, have fun with him.

Brainstorm for baby names

It is one of the most crucial exciting activity to do with your partner. Suppose if you are expecting a baby boy and your partner are dreaming about a baby girl; enlist unique names you would like for your baby. Shortlist the ones you both love the most. And most importantly, select top two names of baby girls and baby boys. Because; you can never know! There would be twins as well! This activity will help you both bring closer to each other during the most sensitive stages of your pregnancy.

Create a nursery

If you both are fond of creativity, this is something you would love to do with your spouse. Get some ideas about your dream nursery and calculate what is feasible. Paintings, toys, functional furniture are all the things you can construct a nursery in a separate room for your baby. Chalk out the gifts you can buy on the first day of arrival at home after delivery. You can plan a celebration dinner or evening party with your friends and family. You can do anything, and everything wherein you both as a couple will be super excited.

Cherish your romance

Husband and wife relationship during pregnancy still seems to be a mystery. Why don't you take it as an opportunity to nurture your chemistry? Though you are eager to see your baby and deeply involved in pregnancy care; never overlook your partner. It's he because of whom you both are going to have the sweetest gift in your life. Remember the days when you used to meet him before marriage. Utilize a free time in your pregnancy to go on little outings, candlelight dinner date, movies with your spouse. Express your love and regards for being with you for the entire life. Convey him the significance he's having in your life, your expectations, needs, pleasures everything you share with him. Show your affection to keep your relationship evergreen. There are many tips for pregnant women's husbands. After all, you are the one who whose heart beats for your soulmate. Explore more such interesting plans, amusing tasks to spend a quality time with your darling! Remember, there's going to be the third one after few months to steal your privacy! Have great days! Cheers to life!

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