A sound sleep is a refresh button for her!

Watching your little heart sleeping with a amusing and contented face is perhaps one of the most pleasant moment while you nurture her. When your baby gets a sound sleep during the night for a considerable amount of time; she remains fresh and happy throughout the day. However, her sleeping patterns do often change while she is growing. Many times, when you are feeling sleepy at night, your baby wakes up and gets active to play with you. It becomes little tiresome to cope up with her schedule which is always unsure. Here are some tricks that may help you to make your baby to bed:

+ From your baby's birth to around 4 or 5 months, your baby feels little insecure while sleeping. Since she is habited to live inside mother's womb, she feels scared when she enters the world. She always experiences startle reflexes in which she feels like falling. Hence, many a time, your baby suddenly wakes up from sleep. Hence, wrap her in a durable cloth while sleeping.
+ Before your child goes to bed, always feed her. It's called as dream-feeding. It helps your baby to have a sound sleep. Usually, she won't wake up during the late mid night once she fasts asleep. Your baby's sleep gets completed through this process. You can practice it until she gets four months old.
+ Regulating your baby's naps during the day is very important. If your baby sleeps for a longer time during the day, it is likely that she won't sleep at night immediately. If your baby consistently sleeps during the day, wake her up after every 2 hours and play with her. Feed her and keep her little active. If you think her sleep is incomplete; you can let her sleep for few extra hours. But avoid her excess sleep. However, disturbing her naps during the daytime, helps her to have a better sleep during the night.
+ Exposing a baby to white noise is another trick to make her sleep. It is a sound that includes multiple sound frequencies with equal intensity. If your baby hears all the fun loving activities and voices in the house, it becomes difficult for her to sleep as she gets excited to participate. Hence making such kind of low-level humming voice lets her sleep peacefully and quickly.
+ Setting a routine for your baby is very significant. You can term it as eat, wake and sleep cycle. It has several benefits. When your baby wakes up after sleep, she is with full energy and a current mood to play. So, spend some time with her, talk to her and again feed her. She'll start crying if she is hungry which is one significant sign to acknowledge her hunger. Also, after feeding since her tummy is full, you can try to make her sleep to get enough rest. Such cycle followed during the day helps her to have a balanced routine that helps her to stay fit and fine.
+ Bed time stories or songs are a traditional and ideal way to put your baby to sleep. Baby's sleep is always sensitive. However, as she grows up; gradually you have to teach her to sleep even in a bit noisy atmosphere. Practicing pre-nap routine is thus the best way. Before putting your baby to her bed, take her to the bedroom, close the curtains or blinds of the windows and make it dark. Place her in her sack or warm blanket and keep patting her back for some time. Speak in a very gentle voice to her while telling interesting bedtime stories. Give her few cuddles so that she'll start feeling sleepy. Bedtime routine is often bit longer as it also includes bathing, massaging and feeding.
+ Changing the diapers with planning helps your baby sleep peacefully. Change her diaper before her midnight feeding. It'll help her sleep quickly after feeding is done. When the diaper gets dirty again, change it and quickly put her in a swaddle to put her to sleep without much disturbing her sleep.
+ Taking into account your baby's sleeping patterns is very important to adjust your routine accordingly. If you keep your baby awake or if you keep playing with her in the hope that she'll get tired and will finally sleep will bear no fruit. On the contrary, she'll get over-excited and anxious and will start crying after some time. Hence, understand how your baby goes to bed slowly. Give her some time to adjust to bedtime routine.
+ Unlike adults, babies, generally do not sleep throughout the night. They wake up at regular intervals in between. When they wake, and if realize the difference in the situation, they'll get scared and start crying. The technique is to exit the room when baby's eyelids are quite heavy due to sleep though not fully closed.

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