Baby Care

Know how to take a complete care of your beloved baby

From her crying to crawling and walking, all your baby needs is proper care. With our mission to provide the parents with the handiest tips to nurture a baby, we present experts' guidance on the fundamentals of child care.

Skin Care

Your child is at home now and caring her is your top priority! However, skin care is something that must be your first concern! Your baby's skin is under constant development from the day she's born, and adaptation to the external environment is extremely crucial. Baby's skin is very fragile and sensitive to the active chemicals and fragrances present in regular skin care products. Using these products harm your baby's skin by causing irritation, rashes, and dryness. During the first 2 to 3 weeks, it is advisable to bath your baby thrice in a week. Don't bath your baby frequently during this stage. It eliminates the natural oils and moisturizing elements that protect baby's skin. You can use a sponge, or medical cotton dipped and squeezed in warm water to clean your baby. Later, you can use Kidglo's cleansing soaps and moisturizing lotions clinically tested and approved by paediatricians. Similarly, make sure that you are keeping baby's clothes and bedding washed after every single use. Eventually, you can start using mild moisturizers for keeping your baby's skin hydrated. Well- moisturized skin protects your baby against bacteria, allergies, and other skin ailments.

Body Grooming

Eyes, ears, toes, and nose of your baby are all the vital parts that you need to take care of properly. During bath time, all these organs must be properly cleaned with lukewarm water. You can use Kidglo Bathing Bar or Kidglo Body Wash to bath her. You can use a smooth cloth to wipe her with water as well. Her nails, hair, and skin should be well-maintained. New born baby's soft nails grow faster than others. Possibly, baby can scratch her own body due to the movements. The best way is to use a baby nail-cutter which has rounded edges. Always keep her nails short and clean. To avoid a trouble to the baby, you can complete this task while she is sleeping. Baby's umbilical cord is something you need to be quite careful. Never pull it off before the cord is completely healed. Keep the cord clean every day. Keep it dry. It is advisable to give a sponge bath to the baby only after falling off the umbilical cord stump.

Playing with your baby

It's crucial to give enough time your dearest little one. Bonding of relationship begins with an affectionate touch that takes place through the skin to skin contact. Later, this contact does a lot more. Baby starts recognizing your touch, and hence she starts feeling more secure, beloved when you are with her. It also plays a significant role in her behavioural development. Give her exciting toys or objects to play with as she starts playing. But make sure, she doesn't put them in her mouth. Be with her while she's playing. Cover her properly while you take her for a round outside. As she grows little older, i.e. during crawling or walking stage get her to the park to get fresh air. When she grows up to 1 or 2 yrs, give her picture books and tell her compelling stories. To sum it up, laugh with her, play with her being a kid. Your love, attachment, and motivation play a crucial role in a baby development process.

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A sound sleep is a refresh button for her!

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