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Baby diapering is one of the most important chores that many moms and dads find it a challenging task. During the initial few days, you both find it difficult to handle your most active and delicate baby while changing her diapers. Changing a newborn's diapers multiple times a day is undoubtedly tricky activity. However, few easy tips could help you ease your anxiety!

Select a Correct type of Nappy

Market is flooded with a variety of diapering brands. However, the selection is the entirely personal choice. Choose the one that fits your baby's comfort. When you are amateur to handle your baby during early few days, it's convenient to use disposable diapers. Eco-disposable diapers are also available that contain lesser gels and chemicals. If you are opting for cloth nappies, two types are available. They are tight outer wraps or washable inner nappies. Cloth nappies too are available in different types that are quite hygienic and safe to use.

Check Baby's Comfort Level

While selecting nappy for your baby; make sure that it is keeping her umbilical cord stump open. Nappies specially designed for newborns have a gap that leaves enough space for your child's umbilical cord stump. Once it falls off, it's necessary to keep the wound untouched to heal it properly. Since these diapers have this gap, a baby will not find it troublesome after wearing. Always make sure that your baby is at ease.

Stock the Nappies

Baby's potty habits are undetermined during first few months. As she needs to be feed with milk after every few hours, she is likely to wee after every 1 or 2 hrs and potty several times in a day. Whichever type of nappies you are using, it's good to keep them in stock as in the case of emergency; you need not run here and there to purchase them. You can wash and reuse cloth nappies, so make sure they are washed and dried regularly.

Select a standardized changing mat

A good changing mat is always tough. The majority of mats have elevated sides. It doesn't matter even though you have cushioned your baby very well; you should never leave her alone. Always opt for thinner and portable mat that you can easily wind up and carry anywhere you want.

Have Nappy Changing Ancillaries

Use cotton wools, wipes, washcloths or disposable wipes to thoroughly clean baby's bottom. Dry it well. You can also use nappy sacks which have mild fragrance from inside. It is advisable to use barrier cream that moisturizes the bottom area and prevents nappy rashes. Make sure you always dispose of the used items immediately.

Keep checking Nappy

Before and after you feed your baby, check her nappy if she has done a potty. If your nappy is disposable; your child won't be bothered by wetness as it will absorb the moisture completely. Cloth nappies must regularly be changed once they get dirty to avoid skin infections. You must be watchful in that case.

Learn the fundamentals

Choose a clean, safe and spacious area for a changing session. Keep all the items with you that you need while changing your baby's nappy. Your baby often tries to resist you while you start changing her nappy. So, properly hold her with your one hand. Different types of nappies are changed with the various techniques as they have different locking and unlocking systems. Learn the grips and tying methods of nappies that will help you to finish this task easily.

Treat the Nappy Rashes

Newborn's skin is susceptible, and hence your baby often suffers through irritation and red rashes. The only reason is a frequent contact of the wee or potty with the bottom skin. You must clean your baby's genitals with a wet cloth or wet wipes after she has done a wee or potty. Make sure there is no dirt after cleaning. Before putting a new nappy, apply some barrier cream on her bottom. Also, you can offer your baby with a nappy-free time in a day to get the air circulated her bottom.

Changing Nappy? Make it a Fun

Your baby often cries, screams or gets annoyed when you change her nappy. The ideal way to deal with her is to keep talking, singing and playing with her while doing so. Your gentle voice will certainly help her to relax. You can hang few attractive toys near her changing area to divert baby's attention. Also, you can offer her with interesting pictures or mirrors where a baby will keep looking at.

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