A cozy, soothing massage is all she needs every day!

Massaging your baby is not a mere physical activity. It greatly helps to build a bond between you and a baby and also strengthens your relationship with her. Massage has numerous physical as well as emotional benefits for your little love. You must massage your baby every day giving a considerable amount of time. Be sure your child is neither very hungry nor too full before having a massage. Few simple massaging techniques help to soothe your baby during a routine. Few massage techniques offered by professional baby massagers would help you massage a baby at home. These massage moves are significant as the right type of massage always benefits your baby in a rightmost way.
+Make sure you are applying very gentle pressure on baby's body while massaging her. A tip to remember is your light strokes on her body should be in a direction away from her heart.
+Your massage should relax the baby, and she should be delighted with your tender touch.
+ Choose a comfortable place for giving a massage to your baby. It should be warm enough and away from cold. You can sing a song or talk to your baby while offering her a massage.
+Always give importance to your baby's mood. After touching her, if she scowls, cries or turns away; postpone the massage schedule. Always listen to your baby's indication. Sometimes you can massage only baby's head during bedtime.

Listed below are different types of massage:

Head Massage

You can put a couple of drops of Kidglo Massage Oil on your baby's head. Start massaging her head with your fingertips with a very gentle pressure in a circular motion. Make sure baby is enjoying your massage. Keep massaging till her head absorbs the oil completely.

Tummy Massage

Keep your hands at baby's naval and start with gentle moves using fingertips over her stomach. Never put excessive pressure.

Neck Massage

Use your one hand to give strong support to your baby's head and upper body. Then with the another hand's thumb and first two fingers apply equal pressure on baby's neck in circular motion.

Arm Massage

Roll baby's hand lightly with your palms. From her shoulder to wrist, give a gentle massage using oil. Repeat the action twice or thrice. Focus equally on both the hands.

Leg Massage

Leg massage has to be done just like the way you rub her arms. From thighs to ankles, you can repeat the same actions twice or thrice.

Your baby receives multiple benefits through regular massage:

Sound Sleep

Serotonin proportion in your child's body gradually increases due to the massage. A Greater level of serotonin offers the sense of comfort. Therefore your baby can enjoy sound sleep that relaxes baby completely.

Stress Reduction

Generally, babies have a tendency of crying for numerous reasons. If your baby is very tired, irritated due to incomplete sleep or if her legs or abdomen is paining; she gets annoyed and keeps crying loudly. Daily massage to your baby keeps her away from all sorts of aches and uneasiness.

Relief from Gastric Troubles

Massage helps the food to move through the digestive tract. Hence massage significantly contributes to preventing baby's health issues like acid reflux and constipation.

Boosted Immune System

Regular massaging improves baby's immune system by keeping different types of diseases away.

Weight Gain

Sometimes, a child is underweight at the time of birth. However, massage also helps a baby to gain considerable weight.
Massage provides a baby with a stable heart beats rate. It keeps the parts of their nervous system active that control the organs. It also helps in effective blood circulation.

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A sound sleep is a refresh button for her!

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