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While would be mom and dad think about their expected little angel, it's the right time to celebrate the baby shower along with the friends and family. Baby shower has been a ceremony for some years; however, old games are something that often creates boredom for the invitees. Exciting and innovative games create a fresh and fun-loving atmosphere that will rejuvenate your guests attending the baby shower. It's time to explore some innovative games to relish the moments to create a memorable evening. Find some exciting baby shower games listed below:

Name the Baby

Though it sounds a bit early to think about the name of expected 'little one,' it's great fun to help the would be mom and dad. Each guest will be provided with a pen and paper, and he/she will have to suggest ten baby names (5 for baby girl and 5 for baby boy) using the first letter in the mom's name and the last letter in the dad's name. The placement of letters can be anywhere in the name. The only criteria are the letters must exist in the name. All the papers would be given to the mom & dad, and they'll mutually decide the names they like the most. The guest who's most of the suggested names are liked, will ultimately win the game.

Guess the baby

It's another drolly game that'll certainly turn your guests amused. However, you need to plan early for this one! While you are sending the invitation to your guests, request each guest to bring along their picture when they were a baby. On the day of the baby shower; when all the guests will arrive, collect their photos, number them and pin them on board. Also, randomly give a badge containing the number to your guests. Let each guest predict which picture no. Belongs to which guest no. by writing it on paper. The guest who's most guesses will be correct, will win the game.

Secret Dreams by Mom & Dad

The fascinating thing about this game is you (host) will be playing this game to entertain your guests. Let a guest take the initiative to play a role of an anchor. Give a list of around ten same questions to mom and dad separately. There should be generic questions about the baby like, where they were when they heard the news for the first time, what they want their child to be when he/she grows up. Once the quiz ends, collect the papers and see how many answers are matching with each other. Though there won't be any winner in the game, it'll be great fun.

Diaper Derby

It is perhaps one of the most exciting activities to be held in the shower ceremony. A place to tables on the podium. Keep two dolls on it. Call out the couples one by one on a stage. Let the husband wrap up the nappy to one doll and a wife to another doll. Keep recording the time of them separately. Once, all the couples are done with it; list out the man who has changed a diaper in the shortest time and also a lady who has diapered a doll in the shortest duration. Announce these winners as a 'dad of the day' and 'mom of the day' respectively.

Baby Goodies

Take a handbag and fill it up with different types of baby items such as nappies, washcloth, wet wipes, teething ring, bottle, baby soap, etc. Provide each guest with a pen and paper before passing on the bag. Every guest should put a hand inside the bag without looking into it and should identify the as many possible things as he can and then should write it down on the paper. Once everybody's turn is over, you can collect all the papers and check who has guessed the majority of correct items.

Get your baby out

You need small plastic dolls and large enough containers in which they can fit. For example ice-cube tray or plastic mugs or plastic jars. Before the party; put the dolls in every pot and fill them with water. Then store it in a deep freezer and allow it to frost. Once you start the game, give the containers to all the guests and instruct them to free their dolls in any way they wish. The one who frees his 'baby' first will win the game.

Feed the applesauce

You need to have plastic bags, baby spoons, bottles filled with applesauce and blindfolds. Later. You have to split the guests into two separate teams. Now, let one team of the guests put the plastic bags over their clothes and blindfold the opposing team. Members of the blindfolded team have to feed the applesauce to another team. The one pair who finishes the applesauce earlier could be declared as a winner.

List the baby songs

This game perhaps would take every guest down the memory lane to remember their childhood. In this game, provide every guest with a pen and paper. Put a stopwatch on the podium of which ring could be heard by everyone. You need to set the timer for 5 minutes, and guests will have to write down the titles of the baby songs they know. The one who'll write the most titles will win the game.

Match the socks

Imagine you've just bathed your baby and prepared her to go for a hangout. It's time to wear her socks to protect her from the cold outside. However, with a bunch of several socks in a wardrobe has confused you. Well, that's the time to check your skills. This game is interesting as you need to provide each guest with a bunch of socks mixed randomly. Each contestant will be provided with a minute to match as many as correct pairs he /she can. The person matching the maximum pairs will win the game.

Cart the cotton balls

Fill up one bowl with the cotton balls and give one tablespoon to the guest. Blindfold the guest and request him to pick up the balls with a spoon and shift in into the empty bowl that is supposed to be kept at a little bit distance from the filled up one. Though the game sounds quite simple, it isn't! It's interesting to see the results and the astonished faces of your guests! The guest who will fill up the empty bowls with the maximum number of cotton balls will be declared as a winner.

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