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Baby is about to arrive! Let's Celebrate for a while!

Your little honey is soon to arrive. It's the ideal time to shower mom to be with the bundles of affection and care that all she needs. Godh Bharai is what we call it in India. A baby shower is celebrating motherhood with an exciting mood and bless the mother to be. It earlier was more of a ritual and now has been transformed into a moment that is celebrated along with family, relatives, and friends. However, the sole motive is to keep a mom-to-be happy, relaxed and soothed. Expectant mom being the centre stage person in the baby shower, it's significant to set the theme for a program that goes well with her choice and preferences. Godh Bharai is carried out when a woman completes her seventh month of the pregnancy. A baby shower takes place in different manners in different parts of the country in context to traditional practices. Generally, during Godh Bharai, a mom-to-be is sanctified with special oils by the elder women in the family. Later, lady family members dressed up her with the saree and graced with beautiful, fragrant flowers. From classics to unique, you can explore a variety of themes that would be the best fit for your expected little one. Listed down are few interesting, innovative themes for Godh Bharai.

Honey world for honey!

Honey is sweet just like your beloved wife who is mom-to-be now! Make this day sugary for her that will be stored in her memory forever. In your kitchen, fill up the attractive jars with honey, tagged with beautiful messages for the expectant mom. Decor your bedroom with the cut outs of honey bees and sunflowers. Make it slightly fragrant with honey flavoured room fresh. Let your cook prepare delicious desserts made up from honey. Keep honey-dippers and honey flavoured treats on your dining table that your guests would enjoy all the day.

Rock & Roll

Does mom-to-be a music fanatic? An excellent opportunity to touch a cord, then! Make an ambiance of your house full of the musical world. Decorate your home with CDs, artificial musical instruments. Let the melody of her choice be played on your music system all the daylong! Make the cookies, cakes in the shape of guitar, drums or piano and what not. You can also arrange a small concert on the day of her baby shower that will make her super delighted.

Seashore at home

Is expectant mom likes to relish along the seaside? Convert your home into a beach like a location. Celebrate a baby shower ceremony at a seaside that you could creatively make it at home. Stick cut-outs of fishes, octopus, turtles on the walls of your home. Put ocean-blue carpets, and blue coloured table overlays that'll offer a feel of the sea. If you have a backyard at your residence, spread sand over there, place minuscule coconut trees, few seashells, sea stars in it. Lit the yard in the evening with colourful fluorescent lights and enjoy the beachside party with your guests. Last but not the least, seafood has to be there on the menu of the day!

White looks Bright

It is perhaps a unique colour theme that you can try out on a baby shower, you have arranged for a mom-to be. While sending invitation cards, don't forget to mention the guests requesting to wear white coloured dresses on the day of the baby shower. Adorn your house with fresh white balloons hanged alongside the windows, put up clean white curtains, sofa-covers, and chairs, bed-sheets in white colour. When gradually guests will start arriving, the scenario will look fabulous with all white everywhere. While finalizing the menu; make sure that maximum snacks must belong be in white colour. For example, white pasta, cheesecakes, milkshakes, cheese pizzas and much more!

Let's go Antique

Does your wife has a collection of ancient times rare items like coins, jewellery, museum pieces? A baby shower is an excellent moment where you can adore her hobby. On the day, decorate your living room with old style, stunning artefacts. Wall hung the decorative paintings, place the beautiful sculptures that will please her a lot. Your menu of the day could belong to ethnic cuisines of the South-East Asian, African or European continent. Gifting her genuine, antique things of her choice is a cherry on top of it!

Jungle Safari

Animals are all about excitement and fun for all of us. Decorating a corner at your home to create a jungle is little challenging but looks very beautiful once you do. You can buy miniatures of all sorts of animals including tiger, lion, elephant, hippopotamus, crocodile, deer and so on. Make a farmyard using green coloured card paper or art paper. Stick some trees and shrubs on it. You can wall-paint mountains as a background to give it a realistic feel. This theme is so eyecatchy that it will transform the ambiance of your home. Give the face masks of different animals to the guests who have arrived for a baby shower. If your house has the adjoining lawn, you can cook using barbecues or fire pits that will offer wildlife experience.

Mom Loves Pink

Pink is the colour of which women have an endless affair. Right from their wardrobe to the kitchenware, you may find lots of pink things popping up! So why not add some pinkish extravaganza? Surprise to be a mom with the pink theme on a baby shower day that will be stored in her mind forever. Invitations, clothes, tableware, crockery and all other decorations could be turned into different colour shades of trendy pink. Make your home a tiny pink world! It'll give modern yet classic appeal to your ceremony. Moreover, to celebrate the good news, it's fun to propose a toast with strawberry or rose milkshake!

Fun at Carnival

You need a bit large backyard to implement this interesting theme. This innovative design will provide a modern appearance to your ceremony. Your guests will refresh their memories with how vintage circuses used to be a couple of years ago. You can make animals of Cardboards, a small tent like set up, masks of the animals and many other carnival characters to create an ambiance of the circus. You can arrange the puppet shows presenting the stories of animals. You can also buy few toys for the kids attending the ceremony and can give them as a return gift for storing the memories of your baby shower. To be mom would witness the smiling faces of the kids and would be even more excited to see the same smile on her baby who would be coming soon!

Twinkling Stars

You are eager to hug your sweet little one! To be mom and dad are hence excited for celebrating this moment with their near and dear ones. This gender neutral theme goes perfectly with the ceremony. All you need to do is get some multicolour sparkling stars (golden, silver, blue, etc.) decorations, bright lights, and party poppers. Hang them on the ceiling and walls if you are celebrating inside the house. If your house has a backyard; you can nicely decorate the trees and lawns at night and enjoy the moments. To be mom will certainly love this pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.

Lust for Travelling

To be mom certainly cannot travel during the last few days in her pregnancy. So, it's likely that she would be missing her favourite places. For example, she might be missing her favourite restaurant at a countryside or a hangout place in a different state. Set-up a dummy location of her dearest destination. You can create an ambiance of beautiful tourist places by decorating your backyard with the help of blossoms and wallpapers. Also, set up a well-garnished dining table accompanied by lavish gourmets that will offer her with a feel of dining at her favourite restaurant. Your guests too will enjoy this theme with a grand celebration.

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