First 10 Days

Welcoming your Sweetheart to this World!

You must be in the seventh heaven and extremely excited to meet your little critter. At the same time, you might feel tensed and nervous to handle this delicate, tender being. But, that's normal. The most important thing is to love your baby that you would naturally feel. Have a look at few simple tips that'll help you to manage everything smoothly.


Your newborn certainly is fragile and very tiny during these days. However, you need not hesitate to handle and hold her. Your touch and handling will help her to recognize your affection that will eventually create a strong emotional bonding between both of you. The research has proven that those babies who are held for more than 2 hours every day, cry quite less and are peaceful. As your baby's neck muscles are yet to develop, you have to support her head with your palm and fingers when you pick her up. Let her entirely rest on your opposite shoulder supported by your entire hand from her back to the head.

Choosing right products

For your newborn, you must choose cleansing and nourishing products with the utmost care. Select the safe, gentle and mild products that are dermatologists tested and approved by paediatricians. Make sure your baby doesn't have any allergies due to them and if found, consult the paediatrician immediately.

Bathing & Cleaning

Most of the moms feel baby's bathing to be the biggest hurdle. However, it is not! It's important to clean your baby with warm water every day gently. Keep talking and entertaining her while you are putting water. A baby bath is great fun for both of you as they would gradually start loving water and play with it. You can use Kidglo Bathing Bar or Kidglo Body Wash to cherish these moments. Also, you need to constantly check her diapers to protect her from infections due to the urine or potty. Nappy rashes are quite common, and you can apply lotion or cream as directed by the doctor.


The best food for all newborns is breast milk as all the medical professional's state. The methods of breastfeeding would be taught to you by your doctor or nurse. Make sure you hold your baby firmly while you feed her. Cuddling and speaking to your baby while feeding is significant as it'll help to create the sense of comfort and love in baby's mind.


Baby massage is inseparable activity in a routine. All the paediatricians ask you to massage your baby as research has proved that massaging your baby relaxes her muscles and helps to sooth her down for a sound sleep when she is annoyed. A newborn's sleeping patterns too gradually develop due to the right massaging. Learn from the professionals the massaging techniques and massage her daily with Kidglo massage oil.


After coming out from mother's womb, babies certainly feel the discomfort and insecurity of the world outside. Most of the babies cry around 2 hours a day during first three months. If she's crying a lot, try to find out the reason. She might be hungry, sleepy or irritated. Hold her up and relax her on your shoulder supporting her back. Tap gently on her back and speak softly to her till she relaxes.



It's Time for Healthy Food!



Breast milk-Baby's 1st Line of Defence