It's Time for Healthy Food!

The best food for babies is the breast-milk as the research has already proven it. Breast-milk consists of all the vital minerals and vitamins that a baby needs for her full growth and development. Baby can easily digest this milk, and there's almost zero possibility of allergic reactions. While feeding a baby, mother's body releases antibodies through milk that go into baby's body to increase her immunity against infectious diseases. It is ideal to keep your baby only on breastfeeding for the first six months. After six months, it's time to introduce your baby to the food. Here are the relevant categories of food you can feed it to your baby.


Cereals like oatmeal and brown rice are easy to digest for toddlers. You can give any such cereals of which your baby doesn't have an allergy to it.


Any fresh vegetables, ideally mixed with each other and soft cooked are best to offer. Baby can eat small dices or properly prepared chunks that give them complete nourishment.

Dairy Products

You can gradually feed your baby with plain whole milk, yogurt, and mild cheese. These foodstuffs are an excellent source of fats. Feeding them in appropriate quantity; help for a healthy growth of your baby's physique.


Introduce your baby to fresh cut ripe fruits that are easy to digest and eat. You can also cook fruits a bit and make a puree to feed it to the baby.


Pulses like lentil, peas, and beans are great to have as proteins in the food. Similarly, paediatricians also suggest meat feed it to the babies. It gives a considerable amount of iron to the baby.

You must avoid incredibly sweet, oily and salty food materials. Baby's digestive system at this stage is quite delicate, and hence they are at high risk of gastrointestinal disorders due to such kind of foods. All your baby needs is a correct combination of nutrients and calories from the food as she grows at a faster rate during this period. You can cultivate healthy eating habits in your baby and can help develop his taste buds for different kinds of flavours. However, before starting with solid food, you should consult your paediatrician regarding the diet to be followed.



Breast milk-Baby's 1st Line of Defence

First 10 Days

First 10 Days

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